In-depth Biblical
studies that
hopefully will help
you experience a
closeness to God
the Father, God
the Son, and God
the Spirit


Jesus Christ
Our Savior’s birth was not ordinary – God’s Messiah had arrived. As the wisdom of God, Jesus Christ reflects that wisdom in creation and redemption. He was as human in His humanity as He was divine in His deity!

Study His Life
Through non-denominational, spiritually motivating, Bible centered lessons focusing on the central theme in God's Word, Jesus Christ! Only by seeking and understanding as much as possible about Jesus can we grow spiritually and become more Christ-like.

In-depth & Easy-to-Read
While some lessons on this site are designed primarily for the serious, self-motivated, spiritually active student and/or teacher of Holy Scripture such as God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit, others such as Stories from the Hebrew Bible, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told and The Way Home are family oriented and easy-to-read true stories from the Bible.

The Gospel was bought and paid for at great cost, the precious blood of Jesus Christ!
Therefore, there is no charge for using this website.