God’s Church (Ecclesiology): God’s church began on Pentecost and was different from many modern day churches. Even though on the night of His betrayal Jesus prayed that we “...all may be one...” (John 17:20-21), we have divided and sub-divided throughout the centuries because of creeds, doctrines and practices until today there are hundreds of different churches within Christendom. Our brief study of God’s church is based on three primary requirements. They are: Nothing later than the New Testament will do; nothing that is not in the inspired Bible is good enough; and in every matter of faith and practice God’s Holy Word is final.


Where Was The Church?
Why Do People Go To Church?
Sinners In The Church
The Church Belongs To Jesus Christ
The Church In God’s Plan
What The Church Means To Christ
The Divine Mission Of The Church
Authority In The Church
The New Testament Church
The Destiny Of The Church
Earmarks Of The Lord’s Church

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