The first three Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) are called ‘synoptic’ because combined they present a general and harmonized view of Christ’s life as distinguished from the Gospel of John, who writes for Christians as an eye witness and for a special purpose.


John’s Birth Foretold
Birth of John the Baptist
Birth of Jesus
Presentation in the Temple
The Wise Men Led by the Star
The Boy Jesus in the Temple
Ministry of John the Baptist
Baptism and Temptation of Jesus
Call of the First Disciples
Jesus the Healer
The Paralytic Forgiven and Healed
Feasting and Fasting
Use of the Sabbath
Appointment of the Twelve
The Beatitudes
Poverty and Riches
The Law of Love
The Old Law and the New Life
Hypocrisy and Sincerity
Hearing and Doing
Christ's Witness to John the Baptist
The Penitent Woman
Malignant Unbelief
The Seed in Four Kinds of Soil
The Growth of the Kingdom
The Wheat and the Tares
The Worth of the Kingdom
Jesus Calms the Storm
A Troubled Sea and a Troubled Soul
The Rulerís Daughter
The Visit to Nazareth
The Mission of the Twelve
The Death of John the Baptist
Judgment and Mercy
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Jesus Walking on the Sea
Clean and Unclean
Mission to the Gentiles
Wanderings in Decapolis
The Sign and the Leaven
The Great Question
The Transfiguration
Peter's Great Confession
The Lunatic Boy
The Child in the Midst
Jesus and the Children
Prince of Peace (A Christmas Lesson)
Mission of the Seventy
The Good Samaritan
Serving Jesus
The Unfriendly Neighbor
Darkness and Light
Christís Hatred of Shams
Faith Destroying Fear
Trusting in Riches and Trusting in God
The Lawful Use of the Sabbath
Lessons by the Way
Christís Table Talk
The Cost of Discipleship
The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin
The Prodigal Son
The Unjust Steward
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Unprofitable Servants
The Grateful Samaritan
The Coming of the Kingdom
The Friend of Sinners
The Great Refusal
The Laborers in the Vineyard
Greatness Through Service
Blind Bartimaeus
The Pounds and the Talents
The Triumphal Entry
The Barren Fig Tree and the Defiled Temple
The Wicked Husbandmen
The Wedding Feast
A Day of Questions
The Great Commandments
The Ten Virgins
The Judgment Scene
Christ Anointed for Burial
The Last Supper
Watch and Pray
Jesus in Gethsemane
Jesus and Judas
The Arrest and Trial of Jesus
Jesus and Peter
Jesus and Pilate
Christ Crucified
Christ Risen from the Dead
The Journey to Emmaus
Peter and the Risen Lord
Appearance of the Risen Lord
The Great Commission
The Ascension
Harmony of the Life of Christ

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