Study the Bible with an Open Mind – Try to find what the Bible actually teaches instead of trying to make the Bible prove what you already believe. Remember, the Gospel is God’s power to save, not our opinions.

Study the Bible Systematically – This is the purpose of A student in public school could not learn Chemistry, Math or Science if he/she skipped around haphazardly from one subject to another. The same principle holds true in Bible study. You owe it to yourself to be systematic in personal study of the Word of God.

Study the Bible Daily – In Acts 17:11 the Bible says of the people of Berea, “... received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily ...” If these early disciples were encouraged to check the teachings of the apostles, should not Bible students today be zealous studying the Bible, avoiding false teaching?

Realize Truth Exists – “You can prove anything by the Bible,” someone is heard to say. To believe this, one has to believe the Bible to be full of contradictions and falsehoods; teaching opposing doctrines. Most of us would be angry if someone said our character was such that “You could prove anything by it.” If our religious beliefs contradict one another it is because at least one, perhaps all, are not in harmony with God’s Truth as revealed in His Holy Word.

Study Widely – If we could learn everything God wants us to know in one single verse, there would be no purpose for the rest of the Bible. In studying a certain Scripture we should always consider the context (verses surrounding the verse under consideration) as well as to whom, when, and under what conditions a scripture was written.

Apply Its Teaching Personally – One of the greatest Bible Tragedies was the rich young ruler of Matthew 19 who inquired of the Lord what he must do to inherit eternal life. Upon receiving an answer, The Bible says, “He went away sorrowful ...” Bible knowledge is wonderful, but is of little real value unless it is actively put to use. May the Lord richly bless your study of the Holy Bible.


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