A belief that obeys
James was an eminently practical Christian who could not conceive of a merely theoretical faith. He probably would have listened with delight to the words of an old and wise preacher of the Gospel, who declared in one of his sermons, "My brethren, there are two sides to the Gospel: the believing side and the behaving side." One could think of this Epistle as an essay on that theme; or, if one preferred, as a sermon from the text of Psalm 101:2, "I will behave myself." Yes, the title seems to sum it up.

Here is a suggestion for using this material: before considering each of the twelve sections, read with close attention the Scripture passages, and read them several times. There are thoughts expressed in the exposition whose points may be missed unless we carefully read the Holy Scriptures and are closely acquainted with the text.


All in the Same Boat
God Is a Great Giver
Seen In the Looking Glass
The Short-Sighted Usher
The True Nature of Faith That Saves
A Subject in Everybody’s Mouth
Wise and Otherwise
A Few Home Truths
Deo volente
If the Outlook Is Dark, Try the Up-look

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