Governmental and Judicial Ethics in the Bible & Rabbinic Literature examines the biblical and rabbinic sources to extract our rich heritage of judicial and governmental ethics. Avoiding the superficial, we have sought to carefully and responsibly probe the primary sources which form the roots of our system, emphasizing the biblical basis for legal morality. Major topics are: The concept of law in the Bible and Talmud, Governmental legal systems, Enforcement of judicial ethics, Reward and punishment equal to the crime, and The ethics of government in war and peace. Hopefully, we can apply this vital aspect of our religious heritage to the problems facing our society at the present time. This in-depth study comes at a peculiarly appropriate time. Recent years have seen a renewed interest in retracing our “roots” in an effort to better understand our present state and future aspirations by better understanding our antecedents. This need exists and has validity in the realm of ethical standards as well as lineal ancestors. The impact of the ethical implications of Judaism has an influence that far exceeds the formal acceptance of that religion. Based on both pragmatic and moral needs of mankind, these ethical principles continue to influence standards of human and governmental conduct even when there is absent a realization of their origins. This study deals swiftly and effectively with a complex subject – the origin and implementation of judicial and governmental ethical considerations under Judaism. The student will be impressed anew with the scope, flexibility and capacity of the principles involved. A great part of the world owes a debt to the Hebrew nation for much of its heritage and time-honored tradition in legal and ethical matters. This data is timely, effective, and helps us in better understanding who we are and in better appreciating the factors that have influenced us and our culture.



Chapter I
The Concept of Law in the Bible and Talmud

Chapter II
The Governmental Legal System in Judaism

Chapter III
Enforcement of Judicial Ethics in Judaism

Chapter IV
Reward and Punishment in Judicial Ethics

Chapter V
Judicial Ethics of Punishment Equal to the Crime

Chapter VI
Ethics of Government in War and Peace


Excursus I - Political Power in Israel

Excursus II - Judicial and Governmental Ethics in the Bible and the Talmud:
A Comparative Evaluation from Selected Illustrations



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