James, like First and Second Peter, is a practical and somewhat neglected book. Occasionally someone says, “Why do we seldom hear preaching from the Epistle of James?” Perhaps the book is not too well understood by some and too practical for others. A few have said, “I think of it more as a Jewish epistle; not as much for the church.” But, neglecting it means suffering spiritual loss. In the development of this material, a serious attempt has been made toward practical simplicity. No effort was made to bury the reader in technical theological terms and philosophies. Even appeal to Greek words and their meaning, though important to understanding of the Biblical text, is done in simplicity. The lessons are interspersed with thoughts, analogies, and illustrations in the hope of giving luster to content.



Chapter I
Author and Reader
Joy In Trial
Faith Tried
Way to Wisdom
Ask In Faith
A Double Minded Man
Low Exalted
Rich Made Low
Crown of Life
Tempted to Sin
God's Gift
Word of Truth
Swift and Slow
Filthiness Out - The Word In
Doers of the Word
Hearer, But Not a Doer
Doer a Blessed Man
Seem to be Religious
Pure Religion

Chapter II
Respect of Persons
Evil Judges
Sins of the Rich
Royal Law and Respect of Persons
Guilty, Guilty
Judged For What We Say and Do
A Profitless Faith
Faith Without Works Is Dead
Demons Believe and Tremble
Abraham Justified By Works
Rahab Justified By Works

Chapter III
Not Many Teachers
Offend Not In Word
Tongue a Little Member
Tongue Can No Man Tame
Blessing and Cursing
Wisdom From Beneath
Wisdom From Above

Chapter IV
Lust or Pray
Friendship With the World
Pride and Humility
Draw Nigh to God
Speak Not Evil
If the Lord Will

Chapter V
Miseries Upon the Rich
Sins of the Rich
Patience Unto the Coming of the Lord
Patience of the Prophets and Job
Swear Not
Prayer of Faith
Effectual Fervent Prayer
Err From the Truth

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