(As Found in the Gospels)



The Angel by the Altar
The Manger of Bethlehem
The Star and the Wise Men
The Boy in His Father's House
The Prophet in the Wilderness
Jesus in the Desert and Beside the River
The Water Jars at the Wedding Feast
The Stranger at the Well
A Boy in Capernaum and A Riot in Nazareth
A Net Full of Fishes
The Leper and the Man Let Down Through the Roof
The Cripple at the Pool, and the Withered Hand in the Synagogue
The Twelve Disciples and the Sermon on the Mount
The Captain's Servant, the Widow's Son, & the Woman Who Was a Sinner
Some Stories That Jesus Told by the Sea
"Peace, Be Still"
The Little Girl Who Was Raised to Life
A Dancing Girl and What Was Given Her
The Feast Beside the Sea and What Followed It
The Answer to a Mother's Prayer
The Glory of Jesus on the Mountain
The Little Child in the Arms of Jesus
At the Feast of Tabernacles
The Man with Clay on His Face
The Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan
Lazarus Raised to Life
Some Parables in Perea
The Poor Rich Man and the Rich Poor Man
Jesus at Jericho
Palm Sunday
The Last Visits of Jesus to the Temple
Parables on the Mount of Olives
The Last Supper
The Olive Orchard and the High Priest's Hall
The Crown of Thorns
The Darkest Day of All the World
The Brightest Day of All the World
The Stranger on the Shore

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