This is a brief consideration of the central relationship in the body of Christ. To man’s logic, God should have created one church for Jews, one for Gentiles, one for masters (slave owners) and one for slaves. Further, He should have created one fellowship for males and one for females. However, in God’s wisdom He created “one body” – hence the term, “one another.” How Jews and Gentiles, slaves and masters, males and females would manage to cling together was the great mystery. Before and during the 1st Century, Jews despised Gentiles. Masters had full control, i.e., life and death power, over slaves. Males were fully dominant over females. Yet, in Christ all were made “one.” Such integration had never before been attempted, much less effected. The binding tie was found in the marvelous words, “one another.”
That there is a need for a study of this type today, few would deny. The failure of some Christians to get along together has always been, and will always be, a great hindrance to the progress of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The verses in the New Testament using the expression “one another,” are the basis for this brief study. None of these verses are omitted, but some have been grouped under a single heading. These verses do not begin to exhaust the subject of Christian relationship, as taught in the Word of God. Much of the teaching of our Lord deals with it, especially the Sermon on the Mount. In most of Paul’s epistles we have teaching on this subject, especially in Timothy and Titus. James, 1 Peter and John’s epistles also have much to say on Christian relationship.
This brief look at “one another” has been prepared in a format offering simple and easy reading. Hopefully, Christians will find it so, as well as enjoyable and helpful. To some tender hearts, through serious study, parts of it may bring pain. However, our purpose is not to bring pain, but to heal. We pray that this look at “one another” will be only a beginning to your in-depth and serious study of the subject. In fact, if only in some small measure this brief consideration actually brings about a better Christian relationship to just one child of God, then all efforts preparing it will have been more than worthwhile.


Members of One Another
Taught By God to Love
Methods of Teaching Love
A Debt of Love
Some Things Love Should Do
Love's Effects on the Unsaved
Other Things About Love
In Honor Giving Preference To One Another
Be of the Same Mind
Let Us Not Judge
Peace and Edification
Receive One Another
Able to Admonish
Greet One Another
Puffed Up
You Go to Law
Wait for One Another
Care for One Another
Through Love Serve
Consumed By One Another
Provoking and Envying
Bear One Another’s Burdens
Bearing With One Another
Put Away Lying
Be Kind
Forgiving One Another
Submitting To One Another
Teaching One Another
Comfort One Another
Without Prejudice
Consider One Another
Exhort One Another
Do Not Speak Evil
Do Not Grumble
Confess Your Faults and Pray
Be Hospitable
Use Your Talents for Others

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