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Bible Versions
King James Version (KJV)
New King James Version (NKJV)
Revised Version (R.V., Rev. Ver.)
American Standard (Am. Stan.)
American Revision (Am. Rev., A. R.)
Revised Standard Version (RSV)
Ampliphied Bible (AB)
New American Standard Version
(NASV) New English Bible (NEB)
New International Version (NIV)

The Hebrew Bible
Genesis (Gen.)
Exodus (Ex.)
Leviticus (Lev.)
Numbers (Num.)
Deuteronomy (Deut.)
Joshua (Josh.)
Judges (Judg.)
Ruth (Ruth)
1 Samuel (1 Sam.)
2 Samuel (2 Sam.)
1 Kings (1 Kin., 1 Kgs.)
2 Kings (2 Kin., 2 Kgs.)
1 Chronicles (1 Chron.)
2 Chronicles (2 Chron.)
Ezra (Ezra)
Nehemiah (Neh.)
Esther (Esth.)
Job (Job)
Psalms (Ps., Psa.)
Proverbs (Prov.)
Ecclesiastes (Eccl.)
Song of Solomon (Song)
Isaiah (Is., Isa.)
Jeremiah (Jer.)
Lamentations (Lam.)
Ezekiel (Ezek.)
Daniel (Dan.)
Hosea (Hos.)
Joel (Joel)
Amos (Amos)
Obadiah (Obad.)
Jonah (Jon.)
Micah (Mic.)
Nahum (Nah.)
Habakkuk (Hab.)
Zephaniah (Zeph.)
Haggai (Hag.)
Zechariah (Zech.)
Malachi (Mal.)

The New Testament
Matthew (Matt.)
Mark (Mk., Mark)
Luke (Lk., Luke)
John (Jn., John)
Acts (Acts)
Romans (Rom.)
1 Corinthians (1 Cor.)
2 Corinthians (2 Cor.)
Galatians (Gal.)
Ephesians (Eph.)
Philippians (Phil.)
Colossians (Col.)
1 Thessalonians (1 Thess.)
2 Thessalonians (2 Thess.)
1 Timothy (1 Tim.)
2 Timothy (2 Tim.)
Titus (Titus)
Philemon (Philem., Phil.)
Hebrews (Heb.)
James (Jas.)
1 Peter (1 Pet.)
2 Peter (2 Pet.)
1 John (1 Jn., 1 John)
2 John (2 Jn., 2 John)
3 John (3 Jn., 3 John)
Jude (Jude)
Revelation (Rev.)

Special Abbreviations
Bible (Bib.)
Also known as (a.k.a.)
Amplifying / clarifying text (see)
And others (et al.)
And so forth (etc.)
Arabic (Arab.)
Aramaic (Aram.)
Before Christ (B.C.)
Before Common Era / Before Christian Era / Before Current Era (B.C.E.)
Chapter / chapters (ch., chs., chap., chaps.)
Commentary (Com.)
Contrasting text (contra.)
Corroborative text, compare (cf.)
Critical (Cri.)
Dictionary (Dic.)
East (E)
Expository (Exp.)
Following verse / following verses (f., ff.)
Foot, feet (ft.)
For example (e.g.)
Gallon, gallons (gal.)
Greek (Gr., Gk.)
Hebrew (Heb.)
Inch, inches (in.)
International (Int.)
In the year of our Lord / Christian Era (A.D.)
Latin (Lat.)
Literally (lit.)
Manuscript, manuscripts (ms., mss.)
Midnight to noon (a.m.)
Mile, miles (mi.)
Mount (Mt.)
New Testament (NT)
Noon to Midnight (p.m.)
North (N)
Old Testament (OT)
Ounce, ounces (oz.)
Pint, pints (pt.)
Plural (pl.)
Pound, pounds (lb.)
Professor (Prof.)
Quart, quarts (qt.)
Septuagint ancient translation of the Old Testament into Greek (LXX)
Singular (sing.)
South (S)
Syriac (Syriac)
Testament (Test.)
That is (i.e.)
Verse / verses (v, vs)
Versions ancient translations of the Bible (vss)
Vulgate (Vg.) ancient Bible translation into Latin, translated & edited by Jerome
Darby Translation Bible (DBY)
West (W)

Months of the year
January (Jan.)
February (Feb.)
March (Mar.)
April (Apr.)
May (May)
June (June)
July (July)
August (Aug.)
September (Sept.)
October (Oct.)
November (Nov.)
December (Dec.)

Explanation of Format
The most recent format of is designed with the intention of enhancing the vividness and quality of Holy Scripture, hopefully assisting the student in personal study. To this end, we are constantly working to simplify new sections being added to the website, hopefully making it easier to navigate and use.

King James Version
Holy Scripture used in various lessons on this website are taken from the King James Version. Occasionally in a study text, additional Bible versions are used and mentioned.

Quotation Marks
Quotation marks in the text of each lesson follow modern English usage. For easier reading, only the marks denoting the most recently opened quotation are repeated in a new paragraph.

Referring to Deity
Personal pronouns and nouns are usually capitalized when they refer to Deity.

Topical Headings
Topical running heads, printed throughout a lesson, indicate the important subject of the material on that page or in the next paragraph(s).

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