The rather technical treatment usually given to the Epistle to the Romans by most commentators has probably caused it to often be regarded as a somewhat prosaic statement of Christian doctrines ? basically of interest to theologians. It is our desire to attempt a presentation of the entire Epistle as an impelling courtroom drama with the various characters springing to life in spectacular legal procedure.

In this courtroom drama, God is the Righteous Judge on the bench maintaining all the austerity of the divine throne, yet disclosing a heart bent on justifying the criminal. Jew and Gentile are arraigned before the Bar of Justice, and Paul is the brilliant attorney for both prosecution and defense. Our Lord and Savior mediates the cause and pays the penalty of the condemned offender. Every moral and spiritual issue is carefully scrutinized; illustrious witnesses are presented before the Court; due deliberation is given to every vestige of evidence; heaven?s inviolate throne is vindicated; all religious, racial, national, and moral distinctions are appraised and eliminated; The Court rests its case with the sinner justified and reconciled to God.

In this drama, the usual theological phraseology is displaced by graphic, everyday language that hopefully will bring a new endearment to the study of Romans. Being a nonprofit organization, solely devoted to the Lord?s work and to the spread of His Holy Word, sends forth this Bible study material with the prayer that God may use it to lead souls to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish Christians to be more confident in God.


A Legal Document

Chapter One
Time, Place, Occasion
"The Gospel Concerning His Son"
Marked Out Son of God
Prospered by the Will of God
Mutual Encouragement
Paul’s Debt
To Rome Also
The Power of the Gospel
The Principle of Faith
The Testimony of Creation
The Fall of Man
A Sinful World

Chapter Two
"Thou Art Inexcusable"
Lead to Repentance
Doing Good or Evil
Under Law and Without Law
The Jew Condemned
A Jew Inwardly

Chapter Three
The Oracles of God
The Honor of the Court
Both Unprofitable
"Fallen Man"
The Diagnosis
"Every Mouth Stopped"
"But Now"
Come Short
The Mediator
Faith, Not Works

Chapter Four
Abraham's Witness
David's Witness
No outward Claim
Of Faith, by Grace
Apart from Law
The Fine Paid

Chapter Five
Peace with God
Christian Assets
The Ungodly
Boast in God
Much More Than
Two Dynasties

Chapter Six
Newness of Life
Reckoned Dead
The Dominion of Sin
Christian Liberty

Chapter Seven
The Chapter of the Unhappy Man
The Christian’s Two Husbands
Are We Under Laws or Grace?
The Evil Nature
Christ the Sovereign Master

Chapter Eight
Our Two Identities
Free from the Law
The Tragedy of Carnality
Evidence of a Spirit-Filled Life
The Resurrection of the Body
The Spirit’s Witness
No Dreams
The Groaning Creation
We Are Saved by Hope
The Spirit’s Intercession
"God for Us"
The Accusers Silenced!
The Golden Stairway of Romans 8
No Separation

Chapter Nine
Paul’s Passion for His Brethren
"My Lord and My God"
"Purpose According to Election"
The Potter and the Clay
Israel’s Spiritual Claims

Chapter Ten
Solution of the Jewish Problem
Law or Grace – Which?
A Common Basis for Jew and Gentile
God’s Voice to Jew and Gentile Today
Has the Lord Cast Off Israel?

Chapter Eleven
Israel Divided in Two
How Israel’s Failure Has Enriched the Gentiles
The Wild Olive Tree
The Fullness of the Gentiles
God’s Faithfulness
The Real Solution of the Jewish Problem
The World Today
God Our Judge – God Our Savior

Chapter Twelve
The Mercies of God
A Living Sacrifice
How Tall Are You?
Working Together for God
The Grace of Giving
Christian Etiquette
Practical Christian Living
Three Aspects of Christian Service
Humility - A Rare Christian Grace
Rules of Christian Etiquette
How to Overcome Enemies

Chapter Thirteen
Should Christians Obey the Government Without Question?
The Strong Arm of the Law
Should a Christian Go into Debt?
"Now Is Our Salvation Nearer"

Chapter Fourteen
Christian Toleration
"Another Man's Servant"
The Sovereign Claims of Christ
The Kingdom of God Is Not Meat and Drink
Is Healing Included in the Atonement?

Chapter Fifteen
Bearing the Burdens of the Weak
Like-Minded According to Christ Jesus
The Glory of Christ Among the Gentiles
Hope, Joy, Peace
Paul's Commission
Paul The Pioneer
Paul's Shepherd Heart
The Challenge of Divine Grace

Chapter Sixteen
A Letter of Commendation
Gratitude Should Have a Long Memory
Those Who Cause Divisions
Obedience - The Mark of a True Christian
Established According to Paul's Gospel
What Is Paul's Gospel?
The Mystery Now Declared
God's Purposes Attained

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