Preparing for marriage and home building requires much more than simply reading a manual relating to their physical aspects. When a man and woman are united in marriage, they enter into a life contract which is not to be violated. It should not be entered into lightly or inadvisably. Incredibly, one is schooled for fifteen years, qualifying for business or the professionals, while spending almost no time in preparation for marriage and home building. We believe the future of any country, as well as the church of our Lord, depends on stalwart Christian homes, consecrated Christian families, and the exaltation of Christian principles concerning marriage, parenthood, and the home. The Christian faith is the greatest guarantee of attaining the highest possible happiness in marriage.


Part 1: Marriage
Getting Ready For Marriage
What Makes A Marriage Work?
Characteristics of the Christian Family
Is Marriage Ever Hopeless?

Part 2: Children
Rearing Children Without Fear
Rearing Children in Perverse Times
Promises from God

Part 3: Mom & Dad
Woman, God’s Masterpiece
Women of Faith
Ten Ways to Be a Better Dad

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