Like First Timothy, we have sought to arrange this brief expositional study as a ready reference work for the busy student, teacher or preacher who seeks help in preparation. By reading over the below lesson titles, various subjects and verses can readily be located.

 I N D E X


Chapter 1
The Persons Concerned (1:1, 2)
Grandmotherly Encouragement (1:3-7)
The Passing Days till the Perfect Day (1:8-12)
Fidelity and Falsity (1:13-18)

Chapter 2
Some Things Every Christian Should Understand (2:1-7)
The Gospel Gold-mind (2:8-10)
Something to Sing About (2:11-13)
Three Words (2:14-19)
The Vessels of the House (2:20-21)
Meet Three Groups (2:22-26)

Chapter 3
A Mirror of Last Days (3:1-9)
But - What a Difference (3:10-13)
A Thorough-Going Bible Man (3:14-17)

Chapter 4
Picture of a Preacher (4:1-5)
At The End of the Road (4:6-8)
Snapshots of Six Soldiers (4:9-12)
On Remand (4:13-18)
Just a Last Few Words (4:19-22)


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