“Stories from the Hebrew Bible” is first in a series of three sections containing true Bible stories with Ms Nell Tells audio – all easy-to-read; all with Ms Nell Tells audio. Second in the series is “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.” This final section titled “The Way Home,” is third in the series and contains 21 stories from the Book of Acts & Revelation. Though all three sections in the series are continuous and connected, the combined Bible lessons are arranged in the form of stories; each given a title; each independent of the others and treated separately.


The Beautiful Gate
The Right and Wrong Way to Give
Stephen’s Shining Face
Sharing Christ in a Chariot
The Voice From Heaven
What Peter Saw by the Sea
How an Iron Gate Was Opened
The First Missionaries
A Prison Song
The Hill Called Mars
Paul at Corinth
Paul at Ephesus
Paul’s Last Trip to Jerusalem
Stair Step Sermon
Two Years in Prison
Talking To A King
Danger At Sea
A Prisoner in Rome
The Throne Of God
The City Of God

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