These lessons on Jesus Christ in the writings of John are central to the Christian message of hope and salvation. This is evident from the profound preamble of the Gospel to the climactic conclusion of the Revelation. Jesus Christ takes center stage and remains there. Jesus came from glory to grime, from heaven to hell, and at last returned from grave to glory. Why? Because He loves us so! He bore it all that we might live. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Originator and Sustainer, the Message and the Messenger, the Savior, the Almighty King, the Judge. Above all, He is our hope and our salvation. He takes us seriously, so hopefully our study of the inspired Scriptures will help us take Him more seriously and into the very center of our hearts. May we bask in the tenderness of His care, His message from the Father, His exemplary living from day to day, His marvelous deeds, His commitment to our eternal welfare, His unparalleled sacrifice, and wondrous truths, and come to know that without Him as our helmsman we are like a drifting ship on a stormy sea. But with Him as our Pilot we can pass through the troubled waters and enter into the haven of rest.


The Word Made Flesh
The Witness of John the Baptist
Jesus the Savior of the World
Jesus the Water of Life
Sowing and Reaping
Christ’s Authority
Jesus the Bread of Life
Jesus the Christ
Jesus and Abraham
Christ the Light of the World
Jesus the Good Shepherd
Jesus the Resurrection and Life
Jesus Glorified
Jesus the Servant of All
Our Heavenly Home
The Comforter Promised
Jesus the True Vine
The Mission of the Holy Spirit
Jesus Interceding
Walking in the Light
The Supreme Gift of Love
Johnís Vision of Christ
Worshipping God and the Lamb
The Saints in Heaven
The Final Results
The Great Invitation

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